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Founded in 2011, AMTC is a London-based institution that manages and facilitates company asset growth through experience and a customised strategy. 

We identify investment proposals that can offer an attractive rate of return as well as provide us the opportunity to preserve and expand clients’ capital. We have assisted in many successful start-ups, turnarounds, and carve-outs from larger corporate partners. Furthermore, in a ever more globalized world, we have put a foothold in international trade thru our Commerce operations. 


We play a vital role in providing businesses with the capital needed to achieve and expand on their goals. Our investments span a wide range of industries on different continents in both large and small firms. We have evolved in response to the changing demands of the international market with private equity operations unified under one enterprise across eight offices in Amsterdam, Cairo, Dubai, London, and New York.

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Our objective at AMTC is to improve, develop, and invest in successful companies. We provide capital and experience to help companies, in all stages of development, reach their full potential. Our strategy is based on five key elements: high-quality people, vertical expertise, value-added support, global integration, and aligned incentives, making us ideal partners to help grow your business.

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By utilising our extensive network and sector expertise, our private equity business is capable of generating significant investment returns from good origination, asset management, and well-planned exits. Our global teams identify investment opportunities with international growth potential across our core sectors of consumer, industrial, and business services.


In today’s challenging business environment, private M&A transactions are more complex and multi-faceted. They require a customised strategy and structure to capture and protect value. We help clients organise and execute a full spectrum of private M&A transactions. Coordinating closely with our network of legal firms, we anticipate and resolve issues in all involved jurisdictions. AMTC advises corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal life cycle.


The best way to add value is by understanding the business and market, key drivers, and commercial aspects. AMTC’s joint approach allows different perspectives to the strategy; by working with our experienced advisory board, we can assess the optimal way to achieve your objectives and maximise value. We guide you through each step of the process to ensure that you get the most out of our combined experience.

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